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About the competition ...

The Blakers Mathematics Competition was established with a bequest from the family of Professor Larry Blakers after his death in 1995.

The first Competition was a local event, for UWA students only, in 1996. Since 1997, the Competition has been held annually, open to first to third year students at any Western Australian university.

Professor Blakers was a Professor of Mathematics at UWA for 30 years and Head of Department for 29 of them. He played an important role in the foundation of the Australian Mathematical Society, the Australian Association of Mathematical Teachers and the Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA), and was a founder and long term Director of the National Mathematics Summer School for gifted high school students which takes place in Canberra each year.

This year's Blakers Mathematics Competition

The 2020 Blakers Mathematics Competition opened on Friday 22 May and closes on Friday 7 August at 4 pm. Solutions should be scanned to PDF and attached to an email, with candidate information in the body of the email. Precise instructions are with the

2020 Problems (here).

Past winners

Archive of past Blakers Mathematics Competitions

Below are the Problems for the Blakers Mathematics Competition, since the first one in 1996. Some of the early ones are missing solutions.

Last updated: 28 May, 2020.
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